Blackjack Strategy: Win Online Games of Blackjack for Fun or Money


Blackjack Strategy: Our site to guide you to blackjack success whilst playing online for fun or for real money. The gambling preference is your and with our guide, you will find ways to win no matter the game you play. Throughout this guide, you’ll find links to the blackjack strategy chart, casinos that host blackjack online and in a live format. We also introduce additional site such as which expand further upon the game than we ever could do. The main bulk of this article will be strategy strategy and more strategy to help you reach the desired jackpot you are after. So keep with us as you learn the right decision making and hit those totals of 21 regularly with Blackjack strategy.

Online Games: Blackjack Strategy Trainer, Play FREE online Blackjack games whilst learning the Rules

Before you take on the task of winning real money games and learning with financial risk, the first important strategy is to get yourself a blackjack strategy trainer, where you the player can learn Blackjack strategy when to stand, make splits, learn the decks, hands and all about the game before you progress to the next level of gameplay and picking up casino bonuses.

By learning the blackjack strategy rules at a basic level it is possible to play strongly overall variations of the blackjack game and with free online gaming, there is no requirement to spend your funds and go bust, otherwise what is the point playing without guidance? Crack the rule and you’ll crack the games, your decisions will become confident knowing when to make stands and look forward to winnings and jump on the gambling boat to the advanced games of live casino, a move which sounds simple but the fact is it will take some time.

The Basics: Blackjack Basics, the first strategy you should be familiar with when it comes to Blackjack online

The Blackjack basics are key to know as this is the building blocks of the game’s rules and will help when developing and learning other skills. The perks of this is that only after a few games, will you start acquiring the knowledge and take control of the games ahead to use blackjack strategy on. It’ll take a little while to conform too but once you’ve learned the combinations it will be your fall back to guide should you get into a fix.

So what comes about during the game? Well, there are a few things to know of which we have touched upon.

Hit is meaning to take on another card. You ask the dealer to hit you with another.

Stand means that you no longer wish to take a further card and you stand with what you have

Double is to increase your bet by double the initial bet and you are raised a single card. Also referred to as a DH (double hand)

Split is open to those that hold a pair and your bet then goes for each card with an increase of bet for each additional card provided to add to each new set. Also classed as SP

Soft is what is known as a hand which contains an Ace which can have two separate values. Soft give you good choices of which way to take your game.

”T” represents the 10 card and all other cards in its value bracket, i.e. Jacks, Queens and Kings.

Winning Online: Blackjack when to hit, split, double down and when to surrender the online game

Blackjack strategy brings about common actions which one must decide and these are the splitting, Doubling Down and Surrendering or forfeiting a game. There is a fourth option, however, insurance. When playing you have a chance to pick an insurance bet, just in case you feel the dealer may be holding an Ace up his sleeve that would then lead to a blackjack win for them. So with the fourth option, you can bet as to whether the dealer will or will not hit blackjack.

The object is of course to hit 21 and there is no blackjack counting strategy for online games. Remember outside of the live game the cards are dealt by a computer and they can hold more than 8 decks, above the ‘normal’ limit, so by picking up a blackjack strategy 6 deck wouldn’t help crack the machine but it would bring you closer to upsetting the balance of the game.

FAQ: Black Jack Strategy, The commonly asked questions surrounding the game of blackjack online from beginners

Some players ask which rules in Blackjack strategy are the worst ones for the player. This is simple as the rule of thumb works across the entire spectrum of online gambling and no amount of blackjack strategy can alter this. The house always has the immediate edge with the percentages of between 3-25% in their favor.

Is it illegal to card count as a Blackjack strategy? This comes up a lot as people look to crack the gaming code with Rain Man like skills, though there is no law preventing players from doing so but casinos can permit their own rules upon the game as it is their establishment. So answer is no it is a Blackjack strategy.

Blackjack strategy for casino tournaments, does it change? In short, the answer is no, there is no separate blackjack strategy to learn. The online tournaments play so that those making the biggest profit progress to the next round. So it may be a case of altering the amount you wager, but overall then core blackjack strategy remains.

What are the advantages of being a high roller? Well, the distinct advantage is that should a higher wager bet strike they have the advantage of a larger profit margin to play from without having to break into their own money. So lose can be absorbed with the cash they have made. Though the risks are higher when betting with larger stakes. It’s better to view blackjack as a long-term game, rather than something you play for 10 minutes and thusly why blackjack strategy is so successful if followed correctly.

You are now free to explore our links, pick up free casino bonuses from our recommendations and put the Blackjack strategy into practice.